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The Under Armour SPEED FORCE III ID is a dynamic soccer shoe designed to provide speed, agility, and performance on indoor surfaces. As a product of Under Armour, a well-known sports brand, this shoe is engineered to elevate your indoor soccer or futsal game.

Key features of the Under Armour SPEED FORCE III ID:

  1. Indoor Precision: Tailored for indoor soccer and futsal, the SPEED FORCE III ID offers grip and maneuverability on court surfaces, allowing you to showcase your skills with confidence.

  2. Sleek Upper Construction: Crafted from innovative synthetic materials, the upper of the SPEED FORCE III ID is lightweight and streamlined, ensuring durability and agility during intense indoor play.

  3. Speed and Agility Focus: The shoe's design emphasizes speed and agility, empowering you to accelerate quickly, make sharp cuts, and maintain optimal performance throughout the match.

  4. Comfort-Centric Design: Prioritizing comfort, the SPEED FORCE III ID allows you to focus on your game without any discomfort, ensuring your feet stay comfortable throughout your indoor sessions.

  5. Lacing System: The shoe features a secure lacing system, enabling you to fine-tune the fit to your preference. Achieve a snug fit that supports your movements and control.

  6. Grippy Indoor Outsole: The outsole is engineered to provide traction and grip on indoor surfaces, enabling quick turns, dynamic movements, and rapid changes in direction.

  7. Under Armour Signature: Featuring the iconic Under Armour logo and branding elements, this shoe proudly reflects its association with a reputable sports brand known for innovation and performance.

  8. Variety of Styles: Express your personal style with a selection of color options for the SPEED FORCE III ID. Choose a look that resonates with your personality and indoor soccer identity.

  9. Versatile Player Profile: Ideal for players engaged in indoor soccer and futsal, the SPEED FORCE III ID caters to those who value agility, speed, and precision in their indoor footwear.

  10. Elevated Indoor Performance: Elevate your indoor soccer game with the Under Armour SPEED FORCE III ID. Experience a synergy of technology, design, and performance that sets you apart on the court.

Step onto the court with the Under Armour SPEED FORCE III ID. This indoor soccer shoe combines cutting-edge technology, design comfort, and performance engineering to enhance your indoor soccer journey. Note that specific details, features, and color options may vary based on the version and updates of the shoe available at the time of purchase.

  • New men's Under Armour indoor/futsal shoes, in original box. 
  • Part #: 1249947-428 (BLUE/FLUORESCENT YELLOW)
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