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The PUMA evoSPEED Star IGNITE is a versatile athletic shoe designed for various indoor and track activities. This shoe is part of PUMA's evoSPEED line, which is known for its focus on speed, agility, and lightweight design. The evoSPEED Star IGNITE is particularly suited for indoor sports, running, and training.

Key features of the PUMA evoSPEED Star IGNITE:

  1. Lightweight Construction: The shoe's design prioritizes a lightweight feel, allowing athletes to move swiftly and comfortably during their activities.

  2. Breathable Upper: The upper material is usually constructed from breathable textiles, promoting airflow and helping to keep the feet cool and comfortable during intense workouts or activities.

  3. Ignite Foam Technology: The IGNITE foam midsole provides responsive cushioning and energy return, enhancing comfort and supporting dynamic movements. This technology is designed to optimize performance during running and training.

  4. Lacing System: The evoSPEED Star IGNITE typically features a secure and adjustable lacing system, allowing users to customize the fit for optimal comfort and support.

  5. Traction Outsole: The outsole of the shoe is designed to offer traction and grip on various indoor surfaces and tracks. The tread pattern provides stability during quick lateral movements.

  6. PUMA Branding: The PUMA logo and branding elements are typically visible on the shoe, showcasing its association with a reputable sports brand.

  7. Versatility: The evoSPEED Star IGNITE is suitable for a range of activities, including indoor sports like volleyball, basketball, and futsal, as well as running and general training.

  8. Colorways: The shoe may be available in various color options, allowing users to choose a style that aligns with their preferences.

  9. Comfort and Performance: The combination of lightweight materials, responsive cushioning, and a supportive fit contributes to a comfortable experience and enhanced performance during different physical activities.

  10. Athlete Profile: The evoSPEED Star IGNITE is designed for athletes who value speed, agility, and versatility. It can cater to both casual fitness enthusiasts and more serious athletes participating in organized sports.

The PUMA evoSPEED Star IGNITE offers athletes a lightweight and responsive footwear option for a range of indoor and track activities. Specific details and features may vary based on the version and updates of the shoe available at the time of purchase.

  • New men's Puma indoor/futsal shoes, in original box. 
  • Part #: 103669-03 (PINK GLO/WHITE/BLACK)
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