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The PUMA evoSPEED 17.4 FG soccer cleats are designed to provide a perfect balance of speed, agility, and performance on firm ground surfaces. Engineered with innovative features and a focus on enhancing your on-field attributes, these cleats are an excellent choice for soccer players who prioritize acceleration, maneuverability, and control. The evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats combine functionality with style, making them a valuable addition to your soccer gear.

Key Features:

  1. Explosive Speed: The evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats are crafted to enhance your speed and acceleration on the field. Their design focuses on minimizing weight and optimizing performance, allowing you to move quickly and decisively.

  2. Agile Maneuvering: These cleats are engineered to provide agile maneuverability. The construction of the cleats supports quick changes of direction, helping you outmaneuver opponents and maintain control of the ball.

  3. Enhanced Ball Control: The upper of the cleats is designed to optimize ball control and touch. With specialized panels and texture zones, the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats assist in maintaining excellent ball manipulation skills, allowing for precise passes, shots, and dribbles.

  4. Comfortable Fit: Comfort is prioritized in the design of the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats. The cushioned insole and padded collar contribute to a snug fit that minimizes discomfort and provides support for your feet during matches and practice sessions.

  5. Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats are built to withstand the demands of soccer gameplay. Their construction ensures durability and resilience against wear and tear over time.

  6. Responsive Traction: The cleat's outsole features strategically placed studs that provide responsive traction on firm ground surfaces. This traction allows for quick acceleration, stable movement, and confident changes of direction.

  7. Sleek Aesthetics: PUMA's signature design aesthetics are evident in the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats. The sleek and dynamic design not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of style to your on-field appearance.

  8. Versatile Performance: While optimized for firm ground, the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats can also perform well on other playing surfaces, offering versatility for players who participate in various soccer environments.

The PUMA evoSPEED 17.4 FG soccer cleats are designed to enhance your speed, agility, and control on firm ground surfaces. With their focus on performance and contemporary design, these cleats are an excellent choice for players who want to refine their skills and make a statement on the soccer field. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or simply enjoy playing soccer, the evoSPEED 17.4 FG cleats are engineered to empower you to perform at your best.

  • New men's Puma soccer cleats, in original box. 
  • Part #: 104017-02 (BLUE/WHITE/BLACK)
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