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Nike Zoom Rival S

Nike Zoom Rival S

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The Nike Zoom Rival S is a versatile track and field shoe designed to optimize performance for sprinting and jumping events. Engineered by Nike, a renowned sports brand known for its innovative athletic footwear, the Zoom Rival S is tailored for athletes seeking speed, support, and traction on the track.

Key features of the Nike Zoom Rival S:

  1. Sprinting and Jumping Excellence: The Zoom Rival S is crafted for sprinting and jumping events, making it an excellent choice for athletes participating in short-distance races and field events like the long jump and triple jump.

  2. Lightweight Design: Engineered with minimal weight, the Zoom Rival S allows athletes to maintain agility and speed during their events, contributing to peak performance on the track.

  3. Breathable Upper: The upper of the Zoom Rival S is constructed from breathable materials, ensuring proper airflow and ventilation to keep athletes' feet cool and comfortable during intense races and jumps.

  4. Secure Fit: The shoe's design prioritizes a secure and snug fit, helping athletes minimize movement within the shoe and maintain stability during explosive movements.

  5. Responsive Cushioning: Despite its lightweight profile, the Zoom Rival S incorporates responsive cushioning that absorbs impact, providing comfort and support during sprints and jumps.

  6. Optimized Traction: Equipped with an outsole designed for traction on track surfaces, the Zoom Rival S delivers grip and stability during starts, accelerations, and turns.

  7. Nike Brand Identity: The Nike logo and branding elements are typically visible on the shoe, reflecting its connection to a respected sports brand known for its commitment to quality and performance.

  8. Versatility for Sprinters and Jumpers: The Zoom Rival S caters to both sprinters and jumpers, offering the comfort and performance features needed to excel in a range of track and field events.

  9. Performance-Driven Aesthetics: The Zoom Rival S may come in various color options, allowing athletes to express their individual style and competitive mindset.

  10. Maximize Sprinting and Jumping Potential: Whether you're focused on the 100m sprint or excelling in jumping events, the Nike Zoom Rival S is designed to provide the speed and support needed to perform at your best.

Unleash your sprinting and jumping potential with the Nike Zoom Rival S. Combining technology, comfort, and performance, this track and field shoe empowers athletes to achieve their personal best on the track and in the field. Please note that specific details, features, and color options may vary based on the version and updates of the shoe available at the time of purchase.

  • New men's Nike track shoes, in original box
  • Part #: 107014-171 (WHITE/METALLIC GOLD/NIGHT BLUE)
  • Spikes are included.
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