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Diadora DD-NA 2 GLX 14

Diadora DD-NA 2 GLX 14

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The Diadora DD-NA 2 GLX 14 is a high-performance soccer cleat designed to provide speed, agility, and exceptional ball control for players seeking an edge on the field. With a focus on lightweight construction and advanced technologies, this cleat is engineered to enhance your performance during matches.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight Construction: The DD-NA 2 GLX 14 is crafted with lightweight materials that promote agility and swift movements, allowing you to accelerate and change direction quickly.

  2. Synthetic Upper: The cleat often features a synthetic upper that combines durability and flexibility. This material choice is designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit while offering excellent ball touch and control.

  3. Microfiber Touch Control: Diadora may incorporate microfiber elements on the upper to enhance your control and accuracy when handling the ball.

  4. Lace-Up Closure: The traditional lace-up closure system allows you to adjust the fit according to your preferences, ensuring a secure and personalized feel during gameplay.

  5. Enhanced Traction: The cleat's outsole is designed to provide optimal traction on the field, allowing you to make quick cuts and changes in direction without slipping.

  6. Padded Interior: Many soccer cleats, including the DD-NA 2 GLX 14, offer padded interiors for added comfort during extended play.

  7. Lightweight Midsole: The cleat may feature a lightweight midsole that provides cushioning and support while keeping the overall weight of the shoe minimal.

  8. Striking Design: The design of the DD-NA 2 GLX 14 often incorporates bold colors, sleek lines, and branding details that reflect modern soccer aesthetics.

  9. Versatile Performance: The cleat is suitable for various positions on the field and can cater to players who value speed and ball control.

  10. Choice of Colorways: Diadora may offer the DD-NA 2 GLX 14 in a range of color options, allowing you to choose a style that aligns with your preferences and team colors.

The Diadora DD-NA 2 GLX 14 is a soccer cleat designed for players who prioritize speed, agility, and ball control. Its lightweight construction, synthetic upper, and advanced features make it a great choice for players looking to enhance their performance on the soccer pitch. Whether you're a forward aiming to score goals or a midfielder dictating play, the DD-NA 2 GLX 14 is engineered to support your soccer ambitions.

  • New men's Diadora soccer cleats, in original box.
  • Part #: 158956-C1970 (BLUE/WHITE)
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