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Asics Hyper XCS

Asics Hyper XCS

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The Asics Hyper XCS is a specialized track and field shoe designed to excel in cross-country running events. Created by Asics, a reputable sports brand renowned for its performance-focused footwear, the Hyper XCS offers lightweight comfort, traction, and durability for athletes competing in the diverse and challenging terrain of cross-country courses.

Key features of the Asics Hyper XCS:

  1. Cross-Country Excellence: The Hyper XCS is purpose-built for cross-country running events, providing athletes with the technology and features needed to conquer varied terrains and challenging courses.

  2. Lightweight Construction: Engineered with minimal weight, the Hyper XCS enables athletes to navigate through rugged landscapes with agility, maintaining speed and control across diverse surfaces.

  3. Breathable Upper: The upper of the Hyper XCS is crafted from breathable materials, promoting optimal ventilation and airflow to keep athletes' feet comfortable during demanding cross-country races.

  4. Precision Fit: The shoe's design prioritizes a secure and snug fit, enhancing stability and minimizing unnecessary movement as runners traverse different terrains and elevation changes.

  5. Responsive Cushioning: Despite its lightweight profile, the Hyper XCS incorporates responsive cushioning that helps absorb impact, providing comfort and support during extended cross-country races.

  6. Aggressive Traction: Equipped with an aggressive outsole pattern, the Hyper XCS delivers exceptional traction on varied surfaces—grass, mud, gravel, and more—enabling confident uphill climbs and controlled descents.

  7. Asics Brand Identity: The Asics logo and branding elements are typically visible on the shoe, signifying its connection to a respected sports brand synonymous with performance and quality.

  8. Cross-Country Focus: Ideal for cross-country runners competing in diverse terrain, the Hyper XCS caters to athletes who require lightweight comfort and versatile traction for their races.

  9. Trail Runner's Style: The Hyper XCS may be available in a variety of color options, allowing athletes to express their personal style and flair during cross-country events.

  10. Conquer Cross-Country Courses: Whether you're navigating forest trails or open fields, the Asics Hyper XCS is designed to provide the agility and traction needed to dominate cross-country running events.

Conquer the cross-country terrain with the Asics Hyper XCS. Merging technology, comfort, and performance, this track and field shoe empowers athletes to achieve their personal best on cross-country courses. Please note that specific details, features, and color options may vary based on the version and updates of the shoe available at the time of purchase.

  • New men's Asics spike less track shoes, in original box
  • Part #: GY607-7591 (STORM/LIGHTNING/ROYAL)
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